9 Pillars Of Wellness



Proper breathing and awareness of breath may be the most overlooked yet most important practice in our journey to wellness. Throughout the transformation program you will learn a variety of therapeutic breathing techniques to reduce stress, balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and detoxify the blood.


Deep restorative sleep is like hitting a reset button on your conscious and subconscious thoughts. A good night’s sleep allows us to start each day with a clean slate so we can choose our thoughts and establish the momentum of our day.  During sleep, healing and detoxification throughout our body is optimized. Throughout the transformation program, you will learn how to create deep restorative sleep for yourself.


Much like sleep, meditation allows us to neutralize our busy mind. Stress and anxiety is caused by out of control thoughts. Chronic stress and anxiety creates inflammation in the body which can lead to all kinds of disease including Alzheimer’s and cancer.  During the transformation program, you will experience several types of meditation so that you discover which type works best for you.


Getting the proper nutrients through diet and supplements, can be one of the most challenging and confusing aspects of wellness. We are all energetically unique, therefor a “one size fits all” diet doesn’t work.  The transformation program will take into account your current diet, likes, dislikes and offer a customized eating plan to maximize your energy, detoxification, and weight goals.


In our modern society we are exposed to many toxic chemicals in our food, water, prescription medication, skin and hygiene products.  If these toxic chemicals are not cleared from our body, they disrupt healthy cell reproduction and metabolism which can lead to inflammation and disease. During the transformation program we will take inventory of your toxic exposure and suggest ways of reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals from your body and environment.


Regular movement through exercise and yoga, increases all of the healing processes in our body including blood/lymph flow and healthy metabolism. We produce more endorphins (feel good chemicals) therefor we have an overall more positive outlook on life.  During the transformation program, we will coordinate a regular exercise and yoga plan that fits with your current condition and schedule.


Now comes the BE REAL part of the program. Let’s face it we are all addicted to at least one thing. Some of us are addicted to many things. Usually addictions start when we are running from pain or fear. We start to depend mentally, emotionally and physically on substances or distractions to soothe ourselves. Sometimes guilt, shame, or apathetic feelings come along which make us feel completely trapped. During the transformation program, you will be honest and real about the choices you are making. Through the other 8 Pillars, you will gain hope, clarity and positive self discipline to help you start overcoming behaviors that no longer serve your highest good.


We have all had unique life experiences. Some experiences were traumatic and hurtful so we bury them deep in our subconscious or develop protective barriers to people or situations. Unfortunately, these buried emotions or memories will sometimes manifest in behaviors or beliefs that hold us back from following our dreams.  During the transformation program, you will be encouraged to do “Personal Self Inquiry” which is basically a process of getting very honest and real with yourself about past, present, and future.  For some clients, this is very challenging and we understand!  For most clients, this is THE KEY to unlock the NEW YOU. Doing this process herself is what inspired Laura to create this amazing transformation program!


Last but certainly not least are the relationships in our lives.  What people have you attracted into your life? Who are you “putting up with” because you believe that you have to?  Most of the time people appear in our lives to teach us something about ourselves but sometimes we hang on through insecurities.  Many of us want friendships or a significant other but don’t know where to start when attracting positive fulfilling relationships.  During the transformation program, we will help you get the most out of your current relationships and prepare for future ones.