Laura Lee

Throughout my life I have struggled with anxiety depression, addiction and self-hatred. I’ve always been a highly sensitive person, meaning if you cry I cry with you. Loud noises, bright lights, violence, and chaotic energy make me want to run and hide. Unfortunately it took trauma, legal trouble, and near death experiences to make me question everything in my life. Through surrender, personal self inquiry, meditation, yoga, breath work, amino acid and nutritional therapy I finally started to understand myself and heal. All of these intense life experiences led me on a journey back to my soul. Which is why I started this business, I understand suffering and I care!

Just 11 months ago I lost my mother to complications from “lifelong heavy ethanol use”. Then four months later, my 46-year-old brother committed suicide due to alcoholism and PTSD. I have decided to use my mother and brothers’ death to break a generational curse of alcoholism in my family. I have committed my life to serving others with substance use disorders. Addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as such.

If you are here on my website it is most likely not a coincidence. Your prayers and desire to transform your mind, body, and spirit led you here!  Now let’s take action together to create the life you were meant to live!


Laura Lee

1994 – Emergency Medical Technician

1999 – Biology, B.S. University of Central Oklahoma

2003 – Corporate Account Manager

2012 – Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

2013 – Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

2014 – Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

2015 – Certified Reiki Practitioner

2015 – Infinity Wellness Center

 2018 – Infinity Wellness and Lifestyle Solutions

2021 – Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach

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